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2018 Chinese New Year Red Envelopes Giveaways

Where to receive the Red Enverlope?

Master Tsai Chinese Astrology website will hand out 500 Lucky Red Envelopes on the Chinese New Year Eve and Chinese New Year Day. That will be on February 15, 2018 and February 16, 2018. The location is at https://www.mastertsai.com.

The Chinese New Year Red Envelope contains a gift card for Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles Report. This report covers all major cycles of your entire life and 2018 Brown Dog Year prediction. This report is the first time for free. Don't miss it.

You have option to choose one of the Fortune Angel Love Match reports Your Most Compatible Birthdays and Compatibility Test for two persons.

When is the Red Envelopes Giveaway Time?

The www.mastertsai.com website is hosted at USA. The server clock uses the US Pacific Standard Time (PST). The following table shows the event's starting and ending times of different time zones.

2/16/2018 02:002/16/2018 10:002/15/2018 18:002/15/2018 19:002/15/2018 20:002/15/2018 21:00
2/17/2018 01:592/17/2018 09:592/16/2018 17:592/16/2018 18:592/16/2018 19:592/16/2018 20:59

Countdown to Hand Out Red Endvelopes


What is inside the Red Envelopes?

Preview Gift Card Report Samples
Master Tsai Chinese Astrology   Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles
Most Compatible Birthdays   The Most Compatible Birthdays for You
Marriage Love Match   Love Match Compatibility Test

Click on the following Red Envelope to get Master Tsai Fortune Angel Astrology report.

2018 Chinese New Year Red Envelopes Giveways

One computer or mobile device is limited one Red Envelope. Get your own lucky Red Envelope If you miss it, then wait for next year.

2018 Chinese New Year Zodiac Predictions